Star Program

  • Duration 3 - 7 Hrs Per Week
Difficulty Level
  • Low
  • Medium
  • Tough

Invitation Only!

The Star Program is the foundation of our competitive gymnastics programs, combining strength, flexibility and core gymnastics skills with precise body positioning.  The Star program provides the structure for successful entry into the JOGA and USAG team program. Our competitive gymnastics programs are divided by age groups and meet twice a week. Attendance is required for both practice days.

Bright StarsClasses for ages 4 – 5. Meets twice a week, 1 hour each class

All StarsClasses for ages 5 – 7. Meets twice a week, 2 hours each class
Shining StarsUSAG pre-team. Meets three times a week, 2 – 3 hours each class
Super StarsJOGA pre-team. Meets twice a week, 3 hours each class

Star Program Schedule

Bright StarsAll StarsShining StarsSuper Stars
3:50, 4:553:50, 6:003:50, 4:553:50, 6:00


For More Info About Our Star Program Call Us At (908) 704-9600

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What People Say About Us

Excellent environment, extremely supportive instructors/coaches. This is a place my child feels at home. We have been a member at Paramount Gymnastics for 10 years and plan to continue for many years.
Joy Vrabel

Joy Vrabel

Great place to improve your gymnastics skill from open gym to higher level like USAG. Coaching and staff is very professional and welcoming. The gym is large , well equipped and clean. *****My daughter never want to miss a class*****
Francoise Lacombe

Francoise Lacombe