​​​​COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Paramount is doing our part to keep your children and our staff as safe as possible in this new environment.

Rest assured we are putting everything in place to provide an environment that adopts social distancing as much as possible, along with a new level of cleanliness not only in the common areas but within the gym space as well.

Paramount will continue to follow the guidelines set forth by our government and adhere to strict policy guidelines in re-opening and running our day to day operations.

Measures we are taking:


We have partnered with SpotTV. An industry leading Video Management and Webcasting Company.

A multi-camera system with many viewing options for your convenience is now available to all our registered families.

All parents will be able to view your child’s entire lesson remotely via your smartphone or tablet. 

SpotTV Performance, Security and Reliability Overview

Social Distancing

Social Distance Marking: Social distance markers have been placed on the upper level for those who still want stay and view. Spectators will still be allowed in the common areas.

However, we will we only allow a certain number of spectators at any given time as outline by the state guidelines.

Please respects the social distancing markers throughout the common area spaces.

Masks and Sneeze/Cough Guard

Sneeze guards have been installed at the front desk to maintain a socially acceptable space that protects both our clients and our customer service staff.

Masks will be worn by our staff and all customers.

Participants will be encouraged to wear a mask if possible and as long as it doesn’t interfere with their ability to perform their skills safely.

Hand Washing/Hand Sanitizer:

We installed several more hand sanitizer stations and posted signs to keep reminding everyone to be vigilant with the simple task that greatly helps in reducing transmission.

Touch Free Thermometers:

We will be taking every child’s temperature with an infrared handheld thermometer to ensure everyone is safely participating.

We ask that if your or your children have any symptoms of a cold or virus please stay home.

We have lifted our make-up policy which currently limits the number of make-ups available to you.


BioBlasting’s proprietary systems deliver alternative cleaning and disinfection technologies. The products and solutions are designed to take an environmentally conscious approach to combating the spread of infectious disease, including COVID19.

The technology produces an effective anolyte solution that is created through an electrolytic process called Electro-Chemical Activation (ECA). 

It occurs by temporarily modifying the properties of water, by passing weak salt brine through an electrolytic cell and temporarily changing the properties of the salt water into a powerful oxidizing agent exhibiting highly effective antimicrobial properties.

BioBlast Disinfectant or “Anolyte” is an effective sanitizer and hospital-grade disinfectant. BioBlast Cleaner or Catholyte” is an aqueous solution that is the natural byproduct of the electrolysis process, and is used to reduce microbe contamination and soil loads that can harbor germs on hard surfaces

Paramount will be using a Vector Fog Machine to clear the air and all surfaces within the facility. This equipment and technology allows us to spray the entire facility in approximately eight minutes, it kills germs on contact, and the solution dries immediately.

Spray bottles and hand sanitizer wipes have been installed throughout the facility.

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