Gymnastics Classes Question

Do you offer trial classes?

We offer trial classes once a session has begun, as long as a class has availability. All trial classes have a fee that will be credited to your account if you sign up.

Do you break the students up by age or ability or both?

Classes are divided by both age and ability.

Our Tumble Bear program is our preschool program and students are divided by age only. The Tumble Bears consist of our Koalas and Pandas. The Koalas are for 3-4 year olds and the Pandas are for 4-5 year olds.

Our Tumble Kids program is for children 6-17 years of age and divided by both age and ability. The Tumble Kids consist of Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. The Bronze Level is for the beginner gymnast with little or no experience.

The Silver level offers two levels; Silver 1 and Silver 2. Silver 1 is the first level within this category and is for the gymnasts who demonstrate a solid foundation and understanding of the basic skills on all the events. Silver 2 is an extension of the Silver 1 level where the students gain strength and confidence as they perfect intermediate level skills.

The Gold level is the most advanced level within the Tumble Kids program and is for students who have mastered the intermediate level skills introduced in the Silver 2 level.

Do you offer any pre-team and team programs?

We have very successful team programs and compete in the USAG Developmental Prep Program and the NJ JOGA League. Our Star Program is our pre-team program where the gymnasts practice several times a week for several hours at a time to prepare for the competition teams.

How do you secure a position on a pre-team or team program?

We continually evaluate all students, and if your child displays the natural strength and flexibility needed for competitive gymnastics we will approach you to discuss joining one of the teams. If you would like feedback on your child and their prospect for team, we would be happy to do so, once they have been in class for a few weeks.

What times and days are the classes offered?

During the school year, classes are offered Monday through Saturday, with multiple classes going on at one time, offering a variety of ages and ability levels. During the summer, we offer classes Monday through Thursday. You can view our full class schedule on the schedules page of our website.

What if my child wants to come more than once a week?

You can sign your child up for as many classes as you like during the week. We offer a wide selection of classes to meet your schedules.

What if we miss a class, do you have a make-up policy?

Each student is allowed four make-ups per season. We ask that you call your child out prior to class in order to be eligible for a make-up class. Make-ups can be done on any day or time that works for your schedule as long as we have space in the class.

Please understand, we do not guarantee make-ups but will do our best to accommodate. Make-ups can only be used while currently enrolled and cannot be used in lieu of monthly tuition.

What if the gym closes other than for the scheduled holidays, Do we get a make up for the missed class?

Yes, we offer a make-up for any canceled classes other than our holiday scheduled posted on the website.

How do we know what level to register my child for?

If you are a new customer and your child has no gymnastics experience and he/she is under the age of 6, she/he would be in placed in our Tumble Bear program by their age. If they are they are 6 years old or older, they would be placed in a Bronze level class that corresponds to their current age. If they have previous gymnastics experience, it is quite possible they would be placed in our Silver 1 or Silver 2 level classes.

Do you do any evaluations throughout the year that measure the children’s progress?

Annually in mid-March we do a comprehensive student evaluation for each enrolled student. The evaluation takes place during their current class over a period of a few lessons. These evaluations provide feedback on strength, flexibility, skills and recommendations for future class enrollment.

Is there any special event that marks the end of the season?

During the last month of the season (June) we have special events during the students regularly scheduled classes. In the past, we have had Olympic Themed Week, Fitness Challenge Week, and Bring a Friend Week.

Do you offer any private lessons?

Yes. Private lessons are scheduled directly with the staff once students are enrolled in the program.

Birthday Parties Questions

How much of a deposit is required to book the party?

The base price of the party is required at the time of booking.

How much does each additional child cost?

Additional children over the base amount are $10 each and are paid the week of your party.

When do we need to provide a final count of the total number of children participating in the party?

The final head count and final balance will be due to the Monday prior to your party. Please have your guests RSVP the week prior, so you have an accurate count by that Monday.

Please note there will be no refunds if fewer children than the confirmed amount attend the party.

What time should we arrive for the party?

Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of the party. We have multiple parties going on throughout the day and allow a 15-minute window between the parties for cleanup.

How much time is allocated for the gym party time?

The gymnastics/ninja portion of the party will take place for the first 60 minutes.

How much time do we have in the party area to celebrate?

30 minutes is allocated for birthday celebration time in the party area.

Can we book more time in the party area?

We allow 30 minutes maximum in the party area. During this time, the children need to remain in their seats. Our experience has shown that even 30 minutes is a challenging amount of time to ask the children to stay seated.

What is the minimum age for participants?

All children must be 4 years of age or older to participate. The parties are not set-up to accommodate younger children.

Can parents stay and watch?

Yes, the parents are welcome to stay and watch the party. We offer viewing for all parties both upstairs and downstairs for your convenience.

Can we bring in outside food and drink?

Yes, you can bring in any outside food and drink that you would like to service. It is your responsibility to provide all paper products as well. Some food suggestions are cupcakes and pizza. We find keeping the food simple works best.

Open Gym Questions

Are there any additional opportunities for the kids to practice what they have learned in class?

We offer Open Gym where you can drop in and practice on your own. Open Gym is staffed and instructors will offer spotting and instruction as needed. Please visit the Open Gym page for additional information and registration.

How old do you have to be to attend Open Gym?

All students must be a minimum of 7 years old.

Can we bring a friend to Open Gym?

Yes, friends can participate but must have a signed liability waiver in place in order to do so. 

Fees & Billing

How do we make our monthly payments?

Payments are processed on the first day of the month via automatic charge on your credit card. If you rather pay with check or cash you can do so at the front desk on the first lesson of each month. We accept VISA/MC/DISCOVER for your convenience.

What if we need to drop out, what is our financial obligation?

When registering, we take your first and last months tuition, along with the annual registration fee. If you stay throughout the season, your last month is prepaid. If you decide to leave sooner, just let us know what your last month will be, and we will apply your class deposit that month.

Do you offer any family discounts?

Yes. The fee schedule is listed on the fees & payments page of our website.

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