Paramount’s tumbling classes are for children 6-14 years old. The tumbling classes will provide cheerleaders, dancers, and gymnasts with the knowledge to strengthen their tumbling skills.

Sign up to get that back handspring, back tuck, full twist, front tucks, front handsprings, and all the skills in between!

Cheerleaders, Dancers, & Gymnasts. Strengthen Your Tumbling Skills!

Students will spend 1-hour on strength and tumbling drills & skills that will help them get one step closer to better tumbling and performance-ready.

Our facility offers many surfaces to train on which provide a safe place to learn the skills necessary to become a more confident and better tumbler.

We have in-ground trampolines, a 40-foot tumble tramp, in-ground resi-pits, a power tumbling floor, and an awesome NEW 40-foot air track to help gain tons of confidence with your new skills!

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