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Join our vibrant community of Coaches, Competitive Athletes, Recreational Gymnasts and Ninjas to experience a combination of fitness and fun that is different from any other gymnastics facility in New Jersey!

Here's why our members love Paramount Gym

Convenient Schedules that Work with Busy Parents & Students

15,000 Sq. Foot Facility
with two-story lobby
for parent viewing

Coaches that care as demonstrated by their patience and support

Safety is our #1 Priority

All trampolines and tumbling trampolines are built-in the ground for added safety. We have multiple foam block and resi-pit areas which aid in learning the most difficult skills. Our “Just for Kids” preschool-specific equipment is just the right size for even the littlest gymnast, providing a safe area to learn real gymnastics skills.

Paramount’s coaching staff are all certified in Basic First Aid, and Community First Aid and Nationally Safety Certified through USA Gymnastics.

Gymnastics Classes are Designed to Meet Individual Levels

Regular participation in gymnastics can teach children how to live a healthy lifestyle and stay active while having fun.

Our gymnastic programs are tailored for all ages and every experience level. We carefully evaluate and place children into classes that correspond to their skills.

We also have open workouts available for kids to practice their gymnastics routines or learn new skills.

Fun Filled Birthday parties

Paramount’s Gymnastics Parties provide a physical, fun and active way to celebrate your birthday! These parties are instructed in a fast-paced, high-energy format by our uber-excited staff to ensure each Child has an awesome time!

Our Ninja Parties are unique and fun and the kids will have the opportunity to run a Real-Life Ninja type course overcoming obstacles like the warped wall, slanted steps, hanging ladders, floating poles, hanging rings, and much more!

Ninja Zone

NinjaZone is a thrilling new sport geared towards children ages 3-11 and is fused by elements of gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle course training, and freestyle movement. Paramount’s Ninjas learn to flip, roll and kick while navigating complex obstacles.

Ninja Sport provides an excellent foundation for all other sports by
improving total body coordination, building strength and improving
agility and it’s just FUN FUN FUN!

Our Philosophy – Building Healthy Kids

Our goal is to provide excellent gymnastics instruction in an environment that fosters a safe, fun and positive learning experience.

Our kids gymnastics program develops coordination and mental focus through stimulating activities that require balance, strength, flexibility and endurance.

Barbara sujansky

Owner/program director - Paramount gymnastics

Young Gymnasts Thrive In An Environment Where Exercise is Fun!

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